Aug 19th 2021

Guantanamera Untouchable Cigars

Guantanamera Untouchable cigars are a limited-production, ultra-premium cigar. Handmade by skilled Cuban-trained Master Cigar Rollers with Cuban-seed Nicaragua and Santo Domingo-grown Viso Esteli filler and Ecuadorian Havano Claro binder, these elegant cigars are then draped in an Ecuadorian Havano Claro tobacco wrapper. Guantanamera Untouchable cigars are medium-bodied with a creamy taste with hints of vanilla, mild spices, toasted almonds, and cedar. The finish is complex, as the woody and earthy notes add to the taste. Each Guantanamera Untouchable cigar is available in various sizes. Guantanamera cigars are internationally recognized and highly regarded for their superior quality of tobacco blends. Since Guantanamera cigars are hand made in very limited quantities, you can only find them at exclusive tobacconists throughout the world. They offer a line of cigars for every type of afficionado.