Guantanamera Habano Especial 310 Double Corona Cigar 7 X 52 Cuban Style Box of 25 Cigars

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Guantanamera Habano Especial 310 Double Corona Cigar is a limited production ultra premium cigar. Hand Made by skilled Cuban trained Master cigar rollers with Cuban-seed Habano long-filler, binder and wrapper. All the tobacco used to make these very special Guantanamera Habano Especial Double Corona cigars is aged for at least 3 years and after the cigar is skillfully hand made, it is aged for an additional year. The marriage between all the tobacco creates a sensational medium to full-bodied complex and rich taste bursting with earthy creamy notes of ginger, woods, bittersweet chocolate and coffee.

Produced in very limited quantities, Guantanamera Habano Especial 310 is a magnificent ultra premium cigar with a sophisticated Cuban taste. Each Guantanamera 310 Habano Especial Double Corona is 7 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. 25 Double Corona cigars are packaged in a Cuban style box.

Guantanamera cigar was established in 1997 by Cuban born tobacco blender Jose Montagne. He is internationally recognized and highly regarded for Guantanamera, his commitment to superior quality and the tobacco blends that have made Guantanamera cigars so popular. Since Guantanamera 310 are hand made in very limited quantities, you can only find them in exclusive tobacconists throughout the world.